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Vastu Vision TV in bedroom spoils life’s vision


We are living in the age of electronics. Electronics are tied into so many different aspects of our life. It is hard to find an electrical item in your home that does not have electronics partnered with it, in some way. Many of us may fail to realise the important role that electronics play in our daily lives. We often fail to take notice and appreciate how convenient everything has become because of these consumer electronic goods.

There are different distinctive sorts of embellishments that we introduce in your home and office. However the right arrangement, position and bearing of these extras are essential in the event that we need to make a tranquil atmosphere. Electronics are essentially introduced in every single home. Now and then the devices are not set in the correct course or position; this can make different sorts of issues.

TV is a great wonder of modern science. It is one of the most important inventions of science, which has absorbed millions of minds. It has both entertainment and educational utilities. Along these lines, a TV is a gadget that empowers us to watch programs etc. TV has immense effect on society. It has both negative and positive aspects. It is a varying media electronic gadget of the cutting-edge age. It has filled existence with another appeal that can never be rejected summarily as unsafe. TV gives us a chance to see things that originated from far away.

TV has become undisputed parts of our life and certainly some doubts come in our mind regarding TV. Is TV harmful for us? Does it cause any damage? Does it have the potential to spoil our future? Has it been damaging in the past? Let’s measure negative & positive aspect via Vastu.

Health Issues: All electronics attract and trap dust; something about static electricity. And isn’t there enough dust already in your bedroom why would you want to attract more? Usually people watch over 30 hours of television per week; and make it clear the lure of the screen is just too strong to turn off. No one sets out to spend four hours a day watching television. The temptation is too great especially when we are tired. Not only does television in the bedroom keep us up later at night, but there are also studies that indicate watching TV before bed actually disrupts sleep cycles. Removing the television from your bedroom results in more sleep and better sleep which means you’ll have a better rested, more productive day.


Marriage Issues: Television rarely depicts the world and life accurately. As a result, too much TV results in disillusionment about what to expect from the world around us. This can be most detrimental to our relationships when the unrealistic expectations are applied to our marriage, family and love. As a married couple, some of your most important, intimate conversations will take place in your bedroom during the waning hours of the day. Couples who keep a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. Probably there are many things more stimulating than a watching TV.

Killing of Time: Every morning begins with a clean slate and brand new opportunities. Allowing your television to guide your morning thoughts takes that blank canvas and begins painting. We would be wise to choose carefully what directs our morning thoughts rather than blindly allowing television producers to do it for us. After all, it sets the stage for the rest of the day. The evening provides valuable opportunity to meditate, evaluate, and assess your day. This examination leads to learning from our mistakes. Unfortunately, many people will sacrifice this opportunity for the sake of entertainment.

Children Health: Children with televisions in their bedrooms score lower on school tests and are more likely to have sleep problems. Also, having a television in the bedroom is strongly associated with being overweight and a higher risk for smoking. And that’s a pretty strong argument to remove theirs and yours.


Vastu Vision: In order to remove all the Vastu defects that are in your home, office and the surrounding area, it is very important for you to place all your gadgets in the proper positions. TV is one of the most important gadgets usually found in each and every home nowadays. Some essential Vastu principles that you need to follow when it comes to the right placement of your TV set are mentioned below. In most of the homes, the TV set is placed in the living or in the individual bedroom. Wherever you place the television set always remember that some important instructions should be followed.


• As per the Vastu bylaws; placement of the TV in the bedroom is very harmful for family, health and vitality; but if you still are placing TV in this room then you must only place it in the south east direction where the comfort of your bedroom would remain intact.

• As per the Vastu bylaws; do not ever place TV in the southwest or northeast as this can create various problems for your home. If you are placing the TV in the bedroom then make sure that it is placed on one side of your bed and never in between the room.

• As per the Vastu bylaws; the placement of the television helps in maintaining the steady inflow of energy, it would also insure the happiness of all the inmates. Happiness, prosperity and wealth would also be maintained your home if you have removed all the defects.

• As per the Vastu bylaws; make it sure that TV is kept clean all the time and that no dust accumulated on TV. You must also make sure that your TV set should be kept away from the reach of children. If you are watching TV then make sure that the volume is not too high as this would create an atmosphere of irritation in your home.

• As per the Vastu bylaws; the Vastu pyramid can also be installed near your television set so that any negative vibrations coming from the TV can be removed with this powerful instrument.


• Correct placement of TV set is very important for prosperity and peace thus you must make sure that it is kept in the right position and direction as stated by the Vastu principles.

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