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Vastu for makes our structures respire


As indicated by Vishwakarma the God of Architecture; Vastu is a complete science in itself and this science can convey bliss to the entire world; it can confer all the joy to be specific, a lot of wealth, legitimate living, satisfaction of longings and freedom from infections required to lead a full life on the earth. Joy and health don’t stop by chance yet they can be picked, we are enduring on the grounds that we have floated away from the Nature. Vastu is a connection that conveys man closer to Nature. This was all around perceived and recorded by our ancient sages.

Whatever they articulated in the old times is absolutely common, experimental, allen compassing and widespread; be that as it may, their words of wisdom should be adjusted to suit the present situation.

Vastu is generally appropriate independent of spot of conception. Vastu changes with geology and atmosphere however topography is not the sole criteria for the standards’ utilisation of Vastu.

An architect needs to know the antiquated treatise of Samrangan Sutradhar, Mayamattam, Sthapatya Veda, Manasara and so on more than simply the advanced structural planning. A sound architect searches for characteristic daylight and cross ventilation in any private building and it can be accomplished by appropriately utilising the impacts of eight bearings; four cardinal headings including north, south, east, west and four rakish headings that incorporate upper east, northwest, southeast and southwest.

This is adequate to bolster the physical needs and solaces of the inhabitant. Be that as it may, for the mental and profound well-being the impact of Sky (Aakash) and Abyss (Pataal) are additionally required to be thought seriously about. Apex heading alludes to the grandiose vitality while Nadir bearing alludes to the Geo vitality. Vastu considers the impacts of the inestimable and the Geo vitality. This denotes the real distinction in the middle of Vastu and construction modeling.


We all have four sorts of protection that incorporate the body skin, the garments we wear, the house we live in and the surroundings in which our home is found. We have to make all the four skins inhale and channel. Henceforth Vastu is a method for living through learning. Love and meditation takes the back seat. Individuals still have questions about Vastu Science since it has come to be connected with religion and customs and is additionally looked upon as irrational now and again. On account of our pseudo Vastu consultants who are, for the most part, neither engineers nor scientists, yet they have exhibited Vastu as a major apprehension that in the event that you don’t subscribe to it you may be put to
incredible risk. Our point is to expel the trepidation psychosis from Vastu and convey to the general population’s notification that any Vastu deformity can be killed, as it were, by adjusting the natural energies.

Our universe is comprised of five components to be specific earth, sky, air, water and fire. Five regular strengths comparing to these five components influence man and his environment. These powers are: magnetic field (Earth element), gravitational attraction (Water element), Solar Radiation (Fire Element), Wind Energy (Air element) and cosmic energy (Sky element). Equalisation of these powers can be refined by suitably altering the fundamental’s properties components.

For instance, if the Earth element is insufficient in an introducing so as to build, it can be enlarged the scent of aromatic oil which thus is identified with the South West Direction connected with earth component. Give us a chance to take one component i.e. fire element i. esolar radiation. Range of the Sun is expansive. It contains, Gamma Rays, X Rays, Ultra Violet Rays, V-I-B-G-Y-O-R, Infra-Red Rays, TV Waves, Long Waves and so on. We are by and large worried with the Ultra Violet Rays only in front of the white light V-I-B-G-Y-O-R and the Infra-Red Rays barely shy of the V-I-B-G-Y-OR.

Ultra violet beams are destructive to us as they do the skin smoldering and make hereditary issue. Infra-Red Rays regard us as they give us warmth and enhance our effectiveness. Along these lines, a building ought to be arranged in a manner that it permits the infra-red beams and obstructs the ultra violet beams. This filtration is called Vastu in experimental terms. Infra-red beams rise up out of the Northeast heading while ultra violet beams achieve the earth from the Southwest toward the evening. Thus we ought to have most extreme opening in the Northeast while least openings in the Southwest.

This is the pith of the Vastu since it permits the structures to respire. Before proceeding onward further give us a chance to examine this guideline of the Vastu Science that North East Direction called Ishan Corner ought to have least openings. It nowhere says that the passageway entryway ought to be in the Ishaan Corner. Truth be told, if there are two windows in the North East rather than one passageway entryway, they are better subsequent to the region of opening of two windows is more than the zone of opening of a solitary entryway.


The wrter is a Vastu expert who holds Ph.D in Vedic Astrology & Masters of Vedic Astrology & Master of Vedic Vastu. He can be contected at