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VastuShastra and resting regions for pets


Acharya Kamal Nandlal

Pets have been part of our lives for most of recorded history and are not just a 20thcentury phenomenon. It is not known whether primitive man started first to herd animals for food and campfire scavenging dogs were trained to help, or whether dogs became a part of man’s lifestyle even earlier. It’s thought that the cat’s excellence as a rodent-catcher in grain-stores was exploited by ancient Egyptians. There are countless historical representations of pets as part of our daily lives.

No matter how it first developed, one thing is certain: the powerful bond between people and pet animals is mutually beneficial. Millions of people around the country have pets, most commonly cats and dogs, and they can feel the benefits, but there are some they may not even be aware of. Pets bring more to our lives than just a few laughs.

Since ages human association with pets has been found intriguing as well as. Indeed, even today, individuals owning pets love and administer to them simply like other relatives. There is an exceptional sort of holding that people share with their pets. A large portion of them additionally encounter a mental correspondence with their pets. Pets give friendship and it is one of the undeniable advantages for their proprietors.

It can be seen that the human buddy creature bond has an impressive down to earth and mental impact in the present high-weight society. For some individuals, existence without a pet would be incomprehensible. Pets can progress toward becoming companions and accomplices, with interesting bonds being framed amongst people and the creatures, which end up plainly fundamental parts of their lives.


In scriptures on VastuShastra, incredible accentuation has been given on bearings for area of pets. Old however not exceptionally prominent scriptures on Vastu, as VrahamihirSamhita, AparajitaParijatand Mannollas give particular rules that in which heading one should put resting regions of pets like birds, horse, elephants, deer, wild oxen, and bovines.

Indeed, even Ayurvedic messages on Pet wellbeing give references of headings specified in VastuShastra for better wellbeing and conduct of pets at home. Archived Vastu contextual analyses, over the most recent twenty years demonstrate importance of Vastu rules for pets. It has been discovered that dogs and cows, when kept in specific bearings, either got sick or their conduct turned out to be profoundly on edge. While in certain different ways they stayed sound, warm and healthy.

Also, these realities from reported contextual investigations incredibly coordinate with the rules given in old Vastu writings. In a perfect world, dogs and cows if kept in NorthWest, North, East, & South-South East, they stay more bright, sound and all around carried on. On the off chance that they were in NorthEast, East-SouthEast, South-South West, they were ceaselessly not well and had short life. Aside from these pets, in the event that you have pets like parrot and pigeon at your home, in a perfect world, they ought to be set an indistinguishable way from that of cows and dogs as it were. At that point they stay sound and  dynamic for the duration of their life time. In places like Arabia people are fond of keeping eagle as a pet. Eagles kept in South-West direction are found to have highest sharp vision and help hunters to catch the prey.

Late vastu investigations, have demonstrated that there are two sorts of common earth vitality that impact life. Individuals who were resting in the zone of negative fields, they experienced serious maladies. Then again, individuals considering positive earth fields were observed to be solid physically and rationally. Be that as it may, on account of pets, perceptions in connection with earth vitality fields have indicated fascinating realities. Arthropoda& Reptiles dependably pick negative fields for choosing their natural surroundings. Then again, Dogs, Cows, Horses dependably pick positive fields for their natural surroundings. It has been discovered that even at home Cats dependably sit in negative fields and dogs dependably sit on positive fields. Presumably, even today, they have those inward faculties to detect nature which the people have lost.

As indicated by the Hindu Puranas, there are sure creatures that bring good fortunes, success, riches and any sort of favorable luck. Indeed, even Vastu bolsters this thought keeping creatures at home can change the vitality of that place. Infact, keeping the images of these creatures, their photos or the creatures themselves at home is to a great degree gainful. In the meantime, there are sure pets that are accepted to bring misfortune. Keeping a feline as pet is debilitated in Hindu culture and in specific parts of Europe. In Greek folklore, felines were transformed into witches by Freya, the goddess of affection and richness, as a reward for pulling her chariot. Some connect felines with dark enchantment.