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Vegas Mall hosts Beauty & Beyond campaign 

New Delhi: Vegas Mall, one of the most popular shopping and entertainment destinations of Dwarka, organised a Beauty and Beyond campaign, in a bid to commemorate the women of the country, dedicated a day to their achievements by making Inclusivity and Celebration of Womanhood the central themes of its event. The campaign brought real stories of courage, gumption, and fortitude of women who paved their way and created their own identities. A press release issued by the company says that, the Beauty and Beyond campaign saw massive participation of women, attending the campaign and praising the noble initiative taken by Vegas Mall.

 Rashmi Rai, a fitness expert,  said at the event, “We don’t need a day to celebrate womanhood, all day are ours! We as women inspire people just by being alive! Aren’t we all sheroes who have fought their own big and small battles yet emerged everytime as a fighter.”

 An artist, Ella Dev Verma, said, “Beauty & Beyond” very graciously made a space for amazing women to come together and exchange their stories; society limits what women have to offer to quite superficial and surface level qualities; but here women were beyond those, their voices were heard, their stories were honored, they shined not only through their beauty but also through their strength.”.

 There were also special Grooming and Makeup sessions hosted for women by Geetanjali Salon. Mamaearth played a vital role as the gifting partner at the event, offering goodies in form of eco-friendly products. The hospitality by Imperfecto Boutique was cherished by all as the services were world-class. DIA (Divas In Action) put up a great show as the event partner as everything was managed exceptionally well. 

The Beauty and Beyond campaign was curated on the noble principle of creating an acceptance and acknowledgement of women of all ages, sizes, and shapes. Through this event, we attempted to bring forward strong women as they are creators of a redoubtable community. We also felicitated women achievers as empowering women leads to social, economic, and cultural emancipation and independence for the community. The campaign was lauded for its uniqueness and the idea to celebrate the diversity of women’s beauty and intelligence’. Ravinder Choudhary, Assistant Vice President, Vegas Mall.