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Weatherseal thrive it’s commitment to make the city clean and green


City witness another mega participation, locals come forward to plant trees on International Ozone day.

Preserving the environment is the first and the last retort to save the plant. To give this a reality, Bangalorians come forward to plant trees on International Ozone Day, 15th September at Bengaluru.

Weatherseal, Southern India’s leading uPVC door and window brand offered special educational session for the youths and school students in association with NGO Eco Watch on International Ozone Day.

“We all need to take significant measures for conserving the environment. That is the only way; we can combat the health hazards caused due to depleting Ozone layer. UPVC provides an alternative solution to wooden door and window systems thus enabling an eco-friendly living” says, Mr. Harish Munireddy, CEO and Founder, Weatherseal.

“All sunlight contains some UVB which is anyhow harmful for human skin therefore planting trees heal the planet because they produce oxygen which is not only directly important to humans but to the planet as well and It’s also our moral duty to create green infrastructure and eco-friendly housing solutions in order to promote healthily living in today’s era.” avers Mr. Ullas Kumar, Co-ordinator, Eco Watch.


The uPVC brand has conducted multiple plantation drives in the past and would undertake a slew of the environment-friendly measures throughout the year. The brand has installed 1,80,000 Doors and windows systems in last three years and thus has saved cutting of approx. 20,000 trees till now.

The plantation drive saw participation by locals, youths and schools students who understands the right time to live a clean and green future is to act now.