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Welcome health, wealth and happiness on Dhanteras


Diwali is the festival which denotes positivity, brightness, cheerfulness. There is a special feeling of joy that engulfs us all much before the arrival of this festival. Diwali festivities start from Dhanteras which is the most auspicious day of the year. Dhanteras comprises of “Dhan” i.e. money and “Teras” i.e. 13, Thirteenth day of Krishna paksha of lunar cycle. This is also the day when “Dhanvantri- Goddess of Health”, appeared from lord Vishnu’s “Samundra Manthan” with a golden pot of nectar in her hand. Praying to her on this day ensures good health. It is believed that whatever is bought on this day, flourishes multi folds and brings prosperity to the buyer. Buying gold, silver, electronics and even steel utensils is considered very fortunate on this day. People looking forward to strike a deal on property should pay the token amount on this day. Gomati chakra, which is associated with goddess Lakshmi is another auspicious thing one must possess and worship on this special day, as it is believed to carry special powers to cure illness, protect from evil eye, bring prosperity and peace of mind. Gomati chakra, tied in red cloth if hanged on the inner side of the main door, shields house from negative energy.

This year dhanteras is falling on 2nd Nov, Tuesday and auspicious timing for any purchasing is between 6:18pm to 8:11pm. Few more tips that you can follow on Dhanteras for health, wealth & prosperity:

  • House should be deeply cleansed and it should be free from any sort of clutter, dust or unwanted material.
  • House should be kept well-lit on this day and following night to welcome Maa Lakshmi.
  • Light diya with cow’s ghee on both sides of the main door in the night.
  • Buying a broom and tying mauli on it on Dhanteras is said to remove financial problems.
  • Planning to buy “Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha” for Diwali, buy on dhanteras.
  • Coriander seeds are offered to Goddess Dhanwantri and kept in locker. So don’t forget to buy coriander seed this Dhanteras.
  • May buy any kitchenware or electric item on this day but brass is considered the best.
  • Make a Swastik on the door with turmeric & Kumkum on Dhanteras and Goddess Lakshmi feet impressions next to the entry door.
  • Yam pooja is a ritual followed by many on this special day to save family from untimely death. A diya is lit in the night in the south direction of the house and Yam’s blessings are sought.
  • A person suffering from chronic illness should keep all his medicines in a brass container on Dhanteras and should start consuming medicines from the container for the improvement in health.
  • To remove any unexpected obstacles which is hindering personal/professional growth, buy a lock with a key (without testing), insert key in the lock and keep in Mandir. As soon as somebody opens the lock, things will start moving.

Hope this Dhanteras and Diwali brings us all, good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

Shubh Dhanteras & Deepawali to all the readers.

Dr Aarushi

(The author is the Founder of Vaastublessings)