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Wildlife Week Celebrated at Okhla Bird Sanctuary

U.P  biodiversity board, forest department, Noida and SheWings foundation celebrated wildlife week, with Okhla Bird Sanctuary leading the charge during the event.

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary, organized a series of events and educational programs to highlight the significance of biodiversity conservation. Through guided tours, interactive workshops, and awareness campaigns, visitors are being enlightened about the delicate balance between various species and their environments.

“We believe that understanding our natural surroundings is crucial to preserving it. By fostering a connection between the community and the rich biodiversity of our region, we hope to inspire individuals to become stewards of the environment,” said Amit Kumar, Ranger, Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

One of the main focuses of this initiative is the preservation of endangered species native to the region. Efforts are being made to protect their habitats, regulate human activities that might harm these species, and promote responsible eco-tourism. Additionally, the sanctuary is collaborating with schools and colleges to integrate biodiversity conservation into the curriculum, encouraging the younger generation to become advocates for nature.

DFO Noida PK Shrivastava stated, “We shall always focus on development but not at the cost of harming the environment.” And further he continued “We not only protect our country on borders we can also protect mother earth within the country by sharing wildlife and environment.”