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Worldwide Insurance Brokers launches online platform for instant insurance coverage

Mr. Kishan Lal

Taking a big stride in offering 24×7 online insurance, ‘Cover’ has emerged as a one-stop solution for different kinds of insurance needs of vast Indian population

New Delhi, 17th April 2019: Worldwide Insurance Brokers Ltd, one of the leading insurance brokers in India, has launched ‘’, a unique online insurance portal that offers a plethora of insurance services ranging from Health Insurance, Travel Insurance to Term Insurance, among others.  With its firm commitment of ‘insuring every moment of life’ the online insurance platform ‘Cover’ has emerged as an umbrella solution for availing a complete bouquet of insurance services.

As an integrated insurance solution provider, ‘Cover’ also renders advice to the customers and helps them in choosing the right product that exactly matches their requirements. In a nutshell, ‘Cover’ provides customised plans and premium in just a few seconds with hi-tech IT tools and keeps its customers updated on insurance matter via mails, blogs and other social media platforms, besides actively supporting them in emergencies by taking them through a smooth, hassle-free claim handling process.

While unveiling the exclusive online insurance portal ‘Cover’, Mr. Kishan Lal Agrawal, Director, Worldwide Insurance Brokers Ltd. said, “We are excited to launch ‘Cover’ which aims to offer unmatched insurance buying experience to the vast Indian population. Our mission is to act as a bridge between clients and insurance companies and help the customers in making informed decisions about their exact insurance requirements. Simultaneously we strive to ensure protection of the utmost interests of our valued customers and we protect them from being sold an inappropriate insurance policy.”

‘’ addresses all customer pain points from buying a policy to the claim handling process. While insurance is a critical requirement for every individual, the experience of buying a right insurance policy still remains a cumbersome journey. As a ‘house of complete insurance solutions’, ‘Cover’ not only simplifies the entire process of insurance buying but it also acts as an effective tool of consumer awareness so that they can enforce their rights more effectively.


The online platform ‘Cover’ boasts a wide range of facilities that include suggesting the best suitable health, travel, and term insurance policies for the customers as per their exact requirements. ‘Cover’ has various designated sections to enlighten the customers with the complete knowledge of different policies. For example, it provides comprehensive information on a wide range of Health Insurance policies with the complete list of the network hospitals associated with them. It also facilitates the customers to store their medical records online. In a similar manner ‘Cover’ helps the customers in choosing the best term and travel insurance policies for their family. Beside these products they also provide all corporate insurance products as per their needs.