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Wow Momo – Wow China at Reach 3 Roads

Gurugram, July 22, 2022: Reach 3 Roads on Friday announced opening of WOW MOMO – WOW CHINA at its The Reach 3 Roads complex on July 18, 2022. Other retailers at the high-street complex includes McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s, Looks, Moti Mahal, Haldiram’s, Hong’s Kitchen, and Sodhi’s. 

At the grand opening of WOW MOMO, Nandini Tanjeja, Vice President, Reach Group said, “When it comes to an overall retail and food and beverage experience, Reach 3 Road continues to be unmatched for consumers.  The debut of well-known brands like WOW MOMOS will offer a necessary family-friendly experience of food along with shopping, wellness, and entertainment. It is our hope that this would enable us to provide them with more flavourful food options, we also aim to provide all the amenities at one location. We aim to bring all well-known brands under one roof.”

The market, with its captivating outline, caters to the needs and desires of those who enjoy peaceful evenings and festive weekends.