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Xanadu Realty sells luxury property worth Rs 8 crore


Xanadu Realty recently sold ‘The Selten Isle’, a luxury property worth Rs 8 crore in the MMR region. 

Launched in May 2020 in Thane (Mumbai), the flagship property was created by Raunak Group and purely resonates with a high society living. 

Raunak Group and Xanadu Realty successfully created a virtual sales gallery that enabled this luxury product to be sold online via curated experience by the trained luxury sales consultants.

The key success factor, according to a press release, has been the affirmative interest from 300+ customers vying to buy a unique piece of real estate which could serve as their legacy for generations. 

Samujjwal Ghosh, Director at Xanadu Realty, said “In the current situation also, we were confident of customer demand, as unique real estate means limited supply. Millionaire families are always on the lookout for the prized possession and ‘The Selten Isle’ delivers on all those accounts.”