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Yubi launches Real Estate and Infra Financing platform, Yubi Build

 Yubi (formerly CredAvenue), has announced the launch of its real estate and infrastructure financing platform, Yubi Build. Yubi Build aims to reduce the turnaround time significantly by concluding processes such as signing up, discovery and analysis faster than ever before. With data security being the utmost priority for Yubi, the platform provides companies with uncompromising data protection with its end-to-end information security tools. 

Yubi Build allows for fundraising through loan products specific to Real estate and Infrastructure sectors, such as – Lease Rental Discounting (LRD), Construction Finance, Inventory Funding and Greenfield financing, etc. It also aims to reduce Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) and bad loans for banks by developing tech-based precise algorithms, thereby reducing lending risk and ensuring the right fitment between banks/NBFCs/other lenders and real estate & infrastructure companies. 

Talking about the new category launch, Shubham Jain, Chief Business Officer and Head – Yubi Build, said: “We are cognizant of the credit gap that exists in the real estate and infra sector and plan to ease access to capital by acting as a fillip for the industry. By providing this crucial segment with the necessary financial push and truly joining forces in nation-building and economic progress, we have a tremendous opportunity to impact the market. As we witness the real estate sector bouncing back with surging demand, our technology-first approach will cater to a vast option of products to create a one-stop platform for everything related to finance. Our ultimate aim is to take the benefits of this to every corner of the country so the diversity of borrowers are adequately covered.”