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Zippr partners with


Zippr, an address format that solves the problem of explaining complex addresses, on Tuesday partnered with online real estate platform to felicitate quick and seamless listing of properties.

With this partnership, a user having Zippr code can list a property on CommonFloor via the Zippr app in less than a minute.

According to a press release, Zippr code is equivalent to house number and anyone with this code can have an option to quick-list properties for rent or sale on the Zippr mobile app.

Sumit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, CommonFloor, said, “We are happy to associate with Zippr as we both are in e-commerce space and have a common goal to connect customers to our service through technology. The integration of Zippr with CommonFloor will provide customers a much faster and easier means to list properties.”

Commenting on the alliance, Aditya Vuchi, Founder & CEO, Zippr, said “We’re excited to announce this partnership that will empower Zippr users to list their properties on the CommonFloor platform very easily. This service will augment many other services that we now offer within our mobile app.”