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1,000 green schools by 2017: IGBC

Release of IGBC

The third and the final day of IGBCs International Green Building Congress 2015 on Saturday focused on the need and importance of inspiring and encouraging young minds to go the green way. Awards were presented to school and architectural students from different parts of the country for showcasing their green and futuristic innovations.

According to a press release, IGBC in its efforts to reach young minds would work closely with the stakeholders in facilitating 1,000 green schools by 2017 under IGBC green schools rating system.

Dr. KU Mistry, Chairman, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) highlighted that, Government of Gujarat will extend all the support to the promotion of green buildings. Dr Mistry also called on the need to focus more on safety aspects of the buildings and also on the welfare of the construction workforce. Safety and health aspects should also be considered when designing green buildings, he added.

Dr. Prem C Jain, Chairman, IGBC said, “As we grow as a nation, one of our primary objectives is to protect our mother earth and also ensure affordable and green housing for the cross section of the society and in the process make the green building movement all-inclusive. In days to come, whatever India builds will be a Green building, he highlighted.