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3C and Rapid Metro Gurgaon unite to create green awareness


Taking their “Green Mission” forward, The 3C Company has announced its unique association with Rapid Metro Gurgaon Ltd. (RMGL). As per the deal, the company will be spreading awareness about sustainable developments and green living. Under this agreement, RMGL will run a rapid metro train tagged as “green”, thereby enabling 3C to reach out to a larger audience within Delhi NCR.

“For us, at 3C, it comes as a conscious decision to not only provide ‘healthier living’ but also make sure that people rise up to the need of the hour to ‘go green’. They added that is extremely imperative for people at large to become conscious towards eco-responsible developments and thus, to create an environment which is most effective in achieving ecological balance for a better tomorrow. We are happy to find like-minded partners in RMGL, who believe in our philosophy and have agreed to help us spread the Green Movement to a larger set of people.” said Nirmal Singh, Surpreet Suri and Vidur Bharadwaj ,the directors of the company , showcasing the 3C train.

As per the plan the train would be utilized to spread ‘green tips’ that are easily adaptable on a daily basis. The main motive of this tie-up is to educate people about the tangible and intangible benefits of green living. The company plans to do multiple awareness campaigns including distribution of some eco friendly products in the 3C train. With the present collaboration, both The 3C Company and Rapid Metro Gurgaon expect to create new milestones in sustainable development across the NCR.