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Aavas Financiers, IFC to host Green India Drive Seminar on Leading to Greener Delhi NCR

Delhi, April 3, 2023: Aavas Financiers Ltd., in association with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and EDGE Buildings, will organize an interactive Green India Drive Seminar on Leading to Greener Delhi NCR: Context, Challenges and Opportunities’ on April 12, 2023 at the Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.  

“These roadshows are an attempt to create a platform that brings together key people from the government, corporates, and the intellectual community for a fruitful exchange of ideas and to synthesise efforts for supporting green building initiatives. At Aavas, an organisation committed to empower the underserved markets outside the formal sector, our vision has always been to innovate and bring about sustainable change at the grassroot level. Through this initiative, we look forward to engaging with like-minded communities through fruitful discussions, and make a positive, lasting difference in the lives of people. We are grateful to the unwavering support of the people at IFC to help us achieve these goals,” said Sachinder Bhinder, CEO, Aavas Financiers Ltd.