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Ashiana Housing organises V-Day celebration for its senior citizens


Picture this! A group of men in the age group 55-70 years in front of their spouses, presenting them with red roses, looking directly intotheir eyes, and expressing love and trust in their partners. This is how about 1,500 senior residents of Ashiana Housing celebrated this Valentine’s Day and had a gala time with music, masti and fun.

Tipping back from their evening walk, the 75-year-old Franklin couple, residents of Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi, looked excitedly across the Activity Centre which was splashed with reds and pinks and erupted in a boisterous laugh. “I never thought I would celebrate my twilight years and make new friends at this age, but the activities organised here by Ashiana Housing have made me much more active, and I feel more positive too”, said Mr Franklin.

Ashiana Housing Ltd had organised the celebration for the residents of its Senior Living project at all three communities in Bhiwadi, Jaipur and Lavasa.

The theme activity of the colourful evening was fun-filled games and Best Couple Awards. With an aim to celebrate love and companionship, Valentine’s Day turned into an activity-packed day for senior citizens.

Receiving the Best Couple award at Lavasa, Mr & Mrs. Ganju said, “Initiatives like these taken by the group motivate us”. Romila Arora, resident of Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi, recited a moving poem dedicated to her late husband.


The grand finale was senior citizens walking on the ramp to add to the fun and gaiety of the occasion.