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Assetmonk’s New Fractional Investment Product in Bengaluru’s Commercial RE Mkt

BENGALURU, December 15, 2023: Assetmonk, has launched its latest offering, AM Whitefield, presenting retail investors with an opportunity to participate in Bengaluru’s Grade A commercial property landscape. 

Located within the Brigade Tech Park in Whitefield, this property, developed by the prestigious Brigade Group, stands as a LEED-certified building. The investment offering comprises an entire floor covering 32,300 sq ft and 31 leased car parking spots with a total valuation of Rs 31 crores. Currently occupied by a leading American multinational company, the property ensures a steady stream of long-term rental income, providing investors with a ready and reliable return on their investment, says a press release issued by the company.

Speaking on the launch, Prudhvi Reddy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Assetmonk, said,  “As part of our strategic roadmap, we are introducing an exceptional opportunity that has undergone rigorous due diligence, ensuring it aligns with all the essential criteria: a prime location, an outstanding project, and impressive yields. The asset has been negotiated at a discounted price than the current market value, which promises a great upside towards the end of the tenure.”

The release adds that AM Whitefield presents investors a targeted IRR of 16%, an initial rental yield of 8.50%, and a capital multiplier of 1.8, attainable within 4-6 years.