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Brainstorming Event, ‘The Growth Story Of  Noida’, Organised at CRC The Flagship

Noida, December 12, 2023: Noida, witnessed a grand real estate event: THE GROWTH STORY OF NOIDA. The event was attended by multiple corporate honchos, IPCs, bureaucrats, industrialists, and political leaders. The knowledge forum was organized at CRC The Flagship, sector 140 A, Noida, in partnership with PR & communication firm, ICCPL.

THE GROWTH STORY OF NOIDA, as a knowledge forum, is a concept to create awareness about the development in the region while creating a pool of potential investors and policymakers to interact and share knowledge with each other to bring a positive driving force for the region. The current edition of the knowledge forum was attended by the IPCs like CBRE, Colliers India, Cushman & Wakefield, tech brands like Genpact, HCL, Zurich (Noida International Airport), BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) spokesperson, Spectrum, and CRC group. The knowledge forum was focused on urban planning of Noida and how the city is contributing to the rapid economic growth for Northern India.

While speaking at the event, Salil Kumar, Director, Sales & Marketing, CRC Group said, “Noida has been in the forefront of development for the last decade, and now the time has come that it becomes the epicenter fueling Northern India’s economic growth, and people all across the regions start acknowledging and talking about it.”

He concluded, “We thank our partners who helped curate such a beautiful event so that more stalwarts could come and brainstorm towards the development of Noida.”

THE GROWTH STORY OF NOIDA is a curtain-raiser to many such events that would be organized in Noida in times to come to create awareness and bring more positivity for the region.