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Celebrations at Vegas Mall, Dwarka

In a three-day Christmas special event, Vegas Mall, located in Dwarka Sector-14, brought Christmas and superhero characters, on December 23-25, 2022.

On the first day, Superhero Iron Man and other beloved animal characters like Polar Bear and Elf were put in front of the audience to please the viewers and enthuse the atmosphere with Christmas festivities. These characters were in sync with Indian circus characters like a Clown, a dwarf etc., among others, to give a perfect Indo-Western blend to the environment

Commenting on the occasion, Ravinder Choudhary, Assistant Vice President, Vegas Mall, said, “The success of the three-day Christmas event was the result of the tireless efforts of our team. We specially locked in the dates 23rd, 24th, and 25th December, as it was a long weekend, and most schools announce winter vacations a few days before Christmas, which would allow children with their parents to attend our presentation specially designed for good family time. We are happy that we got immeasurable love, especially from children who got to meet their favourite characters and have a convivial time with them.”