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Credai NCR launches ‘Umeed’ to supply oxygen concentrators


Credai NCR has announced an initiative, called ‘Umeed – Win over Pandemic’, to provide immediate assistance to those who are looking for oxygen in the NCR amidst unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases.


The realtors’ body has established an oxygen concentrator bank from where concentrators are being given for home use on returnable basis to COVID-19 patients in the NCR.

The first batch of concentrators were booked and issued within hours of inauguration of the facility on May 2 in Noida, said a press release. . More concentrators have been ordered and are expected to reach within this week, it said.

buildingPankaj Bajaj, President, Credai NCR, said, “The members of Credai have come forward for this humanitarian cause. The members are supporting this initiative through funds, management and logistical support. The response we got on the first day has encouraged us to expand the horizon of ‘Umeed’ initiative.”