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Expert: Mass timber architecture is an emerging trend now

Canadian Wood

Forestry Innovation Consulting India, popularly known as Canadian Wood has been actively promoting building with wood in India using wood legally sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C., Canada. It conducts educational seminars and training workshops that help create awareness about its wood species.

Keeping in line with its objective to introduce topics of interest and benefit to the wood working industry its recent webinar focused upon ‘Developments in mass timber architecture – Canadian perspective’.

Derek Newby

Canadian architect and industry stalwart Derek Newby was specially invited to present in this webinar given his experience with mixed-use, office and academic facilities, working effectively with private and public-sector clients.

Talking about the webinar, Newby said, “Mass timber architecture is an emerging trend in building construction in many parts of the world today. Advancements in wood product technology and processing systems are driving the momentum for innovative buildings in Canada. Introducing it to the Indian audience on a platform organised by Canadian Wood was a great experience.”

timber architecture

Referring to the advantages of building with wood he said, “Construction for mass timber projects is more a process of assembly on site as parts are delivered in a highly prefabricated condition. Prefabrication saves time, sites are cleaner and less labour is required. Sometimes foundations are reduced because the material is lighter. All this is possible with detailed preparation and construction knowledge of those in the industry.”


Peter BradfieldCommenting on the webinar, Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor at Canadian Wood, said, ‘It was an honour to have an international stalwart of timber architecture join us in our efforts in India to share relevant category-defining knowledge. Canadian Wood has always been committed to providing and promoting conversations that encourage adoption of more natural methods of building through choice of sustainably sourced timber. While mass timber architecture is at its nascent stage in India, Canadian Wood is well equipped with the required technical expertise necessary to support such ventures from initiation to execution of the project.”