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Gera Developments launches property E- registrations for its buyers

Pune, October 28, 2022: Gera Developments, has rolled out new initiatives with the launch of E-registrations of property. A press release issued by the company says that, the new initiative of e-registrations of property has received thumbs up from the customers with most new buyers opting for this facility. The developer has set up an e-registration facility at their sales office. 

Rohit Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments said, “In run-up to festive season, Government is focusing on e-registration of properties. It’s a welcoming move to streamline the registration which has simplified the process. Gera is an early adopter of the e-registration facility, and our customers are delighted at the unmatched convenience this initiative is offering them. We will extensively use technology to make the processes seamless and efficient. More than 31 units till date have been e-registered within a span of one month of the launch.”

Mr. Gera further added that “Our customer-first approach is our motivation and driving force to introduce such initiatives and value propositions. It stems from our core philosophy of Let’s Outdo, enabling us to continuously improve and evolve while holding on to our core values of trust and authenticity thus empowering our key stakeholders. It is this desire to continually raise our service standards that we have now taken our engagement with customers to the next level.” 

The Other key customer-centric initiatives rolled-out by Gera Developments are the GeraWorld® App and Gera’s Club Outdo.

The GeraWorld® App is another technology intervention aimed at enriching the customer experience of the customer. GeraWorld® app is a mobile application designed to provide a hassle-free customer interaction with Gera Developments, thereby endeavouring to deliver a seamless, superior customer experience. The application currently offers key functionalities that customers would need once they have made a purchase right till the end of the warranty period. A unique feature is instant payment notifications. Customers can get an overview of the periodic payments made towards their unit purchased.

A year and half into the launch, Gera’s exclusive loyalty programme for customers, Club Outdo is gaining ground among Gera customers. Existing and new Gera customers get complimentary access to Gera’s Club Outdo programme. As part of the club, customers can enjoy specially curated exclusive deals and discounts on a wide variety of national and local brands ranging from lifestyle to food to apparel and more. Club Outdo members are also invited to participate in a variety of engagement programs and events designed to enrich the experience of Gera’s customers. Gera has partnered with Reloy a RERA registered partner, to offer its Club Outdo members attractive referral bonuses as a gesture towards customers’ contribution towards building a like-minded community. The Club Outdo lounge, a special space for customers to engage with the Gera team has been set up at the Sales office. Soon after being on-boarded, customers are taken through the exclusive benefits they can enjoy as part of this club. Events for customers are a regular feature and a great opportunity for community building. The brand is hosting a Halloween party for children at the end of this month.  


About Gera Developments Pvt Ltd (GDPL):

Gera, a reputed brand for 50 years, one of the pioneers of the real estate business in Pune, is recognized as the creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune and Goa and has its global presence through developments in California, USA. Gera prides itself on providing long-term enjoyment to customers by having a distinct ‘customer-first approach. The philosophy of Gera is “Let’s Outdo,” which rests on the trinity of innovation, transparency, and enhancing customer experience. It is at the heart of Gera’s effort to infuse innovation and transparency in real estate and home building, with an unwavering focus on meeting the shifting lifestyle dynamics of their customers while upholding the premium living experience. Accordingly, there are many ‘firsts’ that stand to GDPLs credit. 

The company introduced a 5-Year Warranty on Real Estate consisting of Preventive Maintenance and Repairs, and provision of Insurance of buildings, way back in 2004 for the first time in India. RERA mandated the same only in 2017. It has also launched real estate’s first 7-year warranty. And GDPL has now designed and launched the pathbreaking concept, the award-winning ChildCentric ® Homes, which has revolutionized the real estate sector for both the developer and the home buyer. Other revolutionary and highly successful product lines have been IntelliplexesTM, SkyVillasTM, and The Imperium series. In its 50th Year, the company has launched yet another first-of-its-kind initiative – Gera’s Home Equity Power to ease the liquidity pressure on their customers and financially empower home buyers and add more peace of mind for their customers by supporting them in any financial emergencies that may unexpectedly come their way.

These products are matched by the services of the GeraWorld® Mobile App, which brings speed, convenience, and transparency to the buyer and enhances the customer experience. GDPL has also recently launched the Club Outdo initiative, a tech-driven loyalty and referral programme that provides multiple benefits, offers, and community engagement opportunities to existing and new customers. The company emphasizes delivering value-added experiences to customers and is driven by trust, quality, customer first, and innovation. The projects are designed around the evolving needs of their customers. The company has won several national and international awards on both the product and service front. GDPL also continues to be certified as ‘India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces’ by the Great Places to Work (GPTW) Institute for the fifth straight year in a row. GDPL has also ranked #18 on the list of Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in Asia in 2021.

GDPL envisions bringing out the best of real estate in India. As it redefines new standards of service orientation, product innovation, real estate marketing, and brand building, it is consistently generating fresh value for its stakeholders and raising the bar for the industry.