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Guest Column

Ghaziabad: The New Address of Commercial Real Estate

By: Pankaj Kumar Jain, Director, KW Group

Ghaziabad, one of the oldest cities in the country, is rapidly emerging as a sought-after residential and commercial destination in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). Despite its historical significance, Ghaziabad had been overlooked in terms of development due to its distance from Delhi and lack of connectivity. However, recent infrastructure projects and initiatives by both the government and real estate developers have transformed the real estate prospects of the city, making it an attractive investment option.

The construction of the Metro network, including the extension of the Blue Line to Ghaziabad, has dramatically improved the city’s connectivity. In addition, the Hindon Elevated Road, Hindon Airport, the widening of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, and the ongoing Rapid Rail project have further enhanced the transportation infrastructure in Ghaziabad. These developments have facilitated easy access to other parts of the NCR and increased the city’s overall appeal.

Real estate developers, along with government agencies like the UP Awas Vikas Parishad and the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA), have played a crucial role in realizing the real estate potential of the region. With its strategic location, well-planned infrastructure, and relatively affordable prices, Ghaziabad has emerged as a prime location for real estate investment.

The emergence of new areas like Raj Nagar Extension and Dasna Road as realty hotspots is a testament to the city’s growing prominence. Unlike other regions in the NCR, developers in Ghaziabad directly purchase land from landowners, ensuring a litigation-free environment. Moreover, significant infrastructure development has recently attracted prominent builders and developers to invest in the area. Compared to other parts of the NCR, property prices in Ghaziabad are still affordable, making it an attractive destination for potential buyers.

The well-planned infrastructure and affordability factor have made the newly developed regions in Ghaziabad highly sought after for residential purposes. These areas offer a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments, villas, and independent houses equipped with modern amenities, catering to the needs of different segments of homebuyers.


All these developments have led to Ghaziabad’s emergence as a commercial hub, especially in the post-pandemic scenario. The city is witnessing the development of several shopping centers, malls by reputed developers, food joints, and recreational centers. The proposed international cricket stadium and the new headquarters of the Ghaziabad District Commissioner will further contribute to the area’s importance and development.

The local market in Ghaziabad is thriving, with shops selling everything from groceries to electronics, providing convenience to residents. Additionally, the commercial sector in areas like Raj Nagar Extension is expanding rapidly by establishing business centers, office spaces, and retail outlets. The presence of well-established commercial establishments and the promise of future growth make localities such as Raj Nagar Extension and Dasna Road attractive destinations for both residential and commercial investments.

In conclusion, Ghaziabad has transformed from a neglected city to a thriving real estate market with the potential for further growth. The city’s strategic location, improved connectivity, well-planned infrastructure, and affordable prices have attracted the attention of both homebuyers and investors. With the ongoing development of residential and commercial projects, Ghaziabad is poised to become a prominent address for real estate in the NCR, offering a vibrant and dynamic living and business environment.