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Building a Sustainable Chennai: IGBC’s E3 Event Drives Green Building Practices

Chennai, April 27, 2024: Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) organised an event towards sustainable development in Chennai and beyond. 

In collaboration with CREDAI, IGBC’s initiative is poised to pave the way for millions to find purposeful work in a greener, more sustainable future, aligning closely with IGBC’s mission while celebrating CREDAI’s 25 years anniversary, mentions a press release issued by the company. 

The gathering consisted of industry pioneers, policymakers, and advocates such as Chief Guest, G S Sameeran, IAS, Joint Commissioner (Works), Greater Chennai Corporation, Guest of Honor, Sridharan Swaminathan, National VP, South Zone, CREDAI, Dr. T Arul, Executive Committee, CREDAI, Chennai, Ar. C N Raghavendran, Managing Director, CRN & Past Chairman IGBC – Chennai Chapter, Ajit Kumar Chordia, Chairman, IGBC – Chennai Chapter, Mahesh Anand, Co-Chairman, IGBC – Chennai Chapter, Sampath Kumar, Senior Counsellor, CII – IGBC and Mr. K V Sreedatta, Associate Counsellor, IGBC Secretariat, who discussed on Chennai’s journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Sridharan Swaminathan, National VP, South Zone, CREDAI, emphasized, “Green buildings foster an ecosystem of sustainability, and is not just about its construction. They catalyse allied industries like renewable energy and green technology, creating job opportunities in various roles. CREDAI’s initiative, aligned with IGBC, aims to create a greener, more sustainable future, celebrating CREDAI’s 25 years anniversary and registering projects that integrate these norms.

In today’s urban landscape, optimizing space utilization and extending the lifespan of buildings are paramount considerations. Beyond technological advancements and sustainable materials, the local context plays a crucial role in green building initiatives. The emphasis shifts towards constructing buildings capable of outliving their typical tenure, embracing flexibility in design and functionality.

GS Sameeran, IAS, Joint Commissioner (Works), Greater Chennai Corporation shared his thoughts saying, “Green buildings, not only reduce environmental impact but also benefit communities, emphasizing the need for society-wide integration of sustainable practices beyond government mandates. This holistic approach ensures buildings serve both their immediate purpose and contribute positively to the environment and society in the long term”. He also highlighted the importance of optimizing space and prolonging building lifespans in today’s urban landscape. He stressed the significance of local context in green building initiatives, advocating for flexible designs and functionality.”

Mahindra World City received a Platinum Plaque for its exemplary commitment to green practices, under the IGBC Green Township Rating System. Urbanrise, a Founding Member of IGBC, was recognized for joining the Green Building Movement and showcase their unwavering dedication to sustainable development.


In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, the event fostered enriching discussions with a technical session on critical themes such as Addressing the Urban Heat Island Effect & Urban Landscaping and Planning, Exploring Sustainable Architectural Planning & Low-carbon Design Materials for enhanced daylighting & ventilation and Understanding IGBC Standards, Energy Saving Methodologies, and the transition towards Net Zero.