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“Pacific Music & Masala” Fest at ‘Mall of Faridabad’, Qawalli Show by Sagar Bhatia

The Mall of Faridabad, by Pacific Group, hosted “Pacific Music & Masala” fest. Qawalli singer Sagar Bhatia performed during the event.

The event witnessed a footfall of 2000+ attendees.

Witnessing the huge response from the attendees, Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group, expressed, “We are excited to have brought the enchanting melodies of Qawalli to the heart of Faridabad through our Pacific Music Masala Fest. Sagar Bhatia’s mesmerizing performance captivated our audience, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of our mall. It was overwhelming to see the massive response from our attendees. We look forward to offering our visitors more unparalleled experiences and continue organizing such cultural extravaganzas in the future.”