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Indian Real Estate Sector Gets $1.6 Bn Institutional Investments in Q2 2023

New Delhi, Aug 1, 2023: Vestian, a commercial real estate consultant based in Bengaluru, has published its investment report “Institutional Investment in Indian Real Estate Q2 2023”.

The report states that the Indian real estate sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of market uncertainty, witnessing a surge in institutional investments during the second quarter of 2023. As per Vestian Research, institutional investments reached USD 1.6 Bn during Q2 2023, marking a substantial 33.3% increase from the previous quarter. However, institutional investments witnessed a dip of 40.7% Y-o-Y, depicting a certain level of volatility in the market.

QuartersInstitutional Investments (USD Bn)Q-o-Q Change (%)Y-o-Y Change (%)
Q2 20222.798%81%
Q3 20220.4-86%-53%
Q4 20221.5316%103%
Q1 20231.2-19%-9%
Q2 20231.629%-41%
Source: Vestian Research
Commercial assets (office space, co-working, retail, and hotels) accounted for 88% of total investments during Q2 2023.
Around 92% of total investments during Q2 2023 were from foreign investors.

Shrinivas Rao, FRICS, CEO, Vestian said, “Institutional investments have grown significantly during Q2 2023 compared to the previous quarter. This upward trajectory in investments demonstrates renewed interest from institutional investors amidst the challenging macroeconomic landscape. The real estate sector is likely to garner increased traction in the upcoming quarters on the back of robust GDP growth and a strong pipeline of upcoming infrastructure developments.”

Investments in commercial assets (office, retail, co-working, and hospitality projects) surged to 88% in Q2 2023 from 39% in Q1 2023, indicating a renewed demand for office spaces. In contrast, the share of residential sector declined from 27% in Q1 2023 to a mere 4% in Q2 2023, as lower-yielding investments found less appeal with institutional investors.

Asset-wise Institutional Investments (USD Mn)
Asset ClassQ2 2022Q1 2023Q2 2023Q-o-Q Change (%)Y-o-Y Change (%)
Industrial & Warehousing1,000216134-38%-87%

Foreign investors dominated the total institutional investments received during Q2 2023, with 92% share as investors are bullish about India’s growth story. Additionally, majority of the investment deals were multi-city deals, accounting for around 94%.

Shrini further added, “In the midst of global challenges, a surge in foreign institutional investments suggests that India’s real estate sector has a huge upside potential.”