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Introduce a wooden flair to your homes with EVOK this summer


Inspired by the earthiness of the warm wood tones and natural materials, interior décor brand EVOK has introduced a melange of products for this season. This exquisite collection offers sleek and minimalist products with stunning details which are sure to bring an organic feel to your beautiful homes.

Some of the offering from this stylish and timeless collection are:

· Diamond Bed with Hydraulic

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Expertly crafted with exquisite detailing, the Diamond bed is an artistic masterpiece. With its stunning design coupled with unparalleled comfort, it makes your bedroom come alive with magnificent style. The bed comes with a full utility storage space to store your bed linen, pillows and duvets.

The Diamond bed with is priced at INR 64,990.

· Ashley Solid Wood Buffet with Bar Walnut
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(2)The Ashley Solid Wood Buffet with Bar (in walnut) serves as a buffet, a bar counter and comes with a storage space for your precious cutlery. With its sleek and classy design along with its spacious style, the table is a unique piece of furniture for your home corner. Designed as a versatile piece of furniture, the Ashley Solid Wood Buffet with Bar is finished with indigenous kiln dried sheesham wood. The table acts as the perfect companion for your dining area with ample space to house all your knickknacks as well as to lay a grand buffet or store your choicest spirits and beverages as well.


The Ashley Solid Wood Buffet with Bar is priced at INR 41,990.

· Diamond Chest with Six Drawers

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IMG_8267In a beautiful earthy dark brown palate, the Diamond chest adds a touch of subtle glamour to your room. Crafted from premium sheesham wood, the Diamond chest adds a touch of an old worldly charm to a room. It has six drawers, seamlessly integrated in chest, blending perfectly with top-notch design.

The Diamond Chest is priced at INR 26,990.

· Palid Solid Wood Coffee Table


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IMG_8784Coffee, close friends and EVOK’s circular solid wood Palid Solid Wood Coffee Table are the perfect mix to enjoy a quaint evening at home. With Avant-garde design and intricate craftsmanship, the table comes with four stools that fit beautifully into the design of the table like jigsaw. A heady mix of beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship, the Palid Solid Wood Coffee Table resonates with all who are looking for a contemporary and functional design.

The Palid Solid Wood Coffee Table is priced at INR 32,990.

· Diamond New Solid Wood Entertainment Unit

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IMG_9066Bringing together craftsmanship and comfort, the clean-lined Diamond New Solid wood Entertainment Unit in Honey Natural colour is an embodiment of elegance. The unit can house your audio visual units and suit your decorative needs too. The two spacious drawers in stylish diamond designs gives a refreshing look to this simple yet sublime entertainment unit.

The Diamond New Solid Wood Entertainment Unit is priced at INR 17,490.