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Investment in key sectors an advisable option, say experts

Despite the slowdown fears in almost all sectors, some key sectors are still hopeful that safe investment in select industry will give a good returns in near future.

“Cautioned against putting all investible surplus in one basket, the investors need to spread the risk and invest in real estate now and take advantage of the lower values,” Gagan Singh, CEO Business, Jones Lang Lasalle India said at an FICCI event recently.

She said that in the national capital region (NCR), investment in residential segment in Gurgaon and Noida are good with a projected increase in appreciation ranging between 35 per cent and 45 per cent respectively in the next three years.

But a common question arises here: where should you invest in these challenging times? That’s the million-dollar question that agitates the minds of all who have the funds to make their money grow.

Experts believe that the sectors like real estate, stock markets and jewellery or art may be the best option to put in their money for a good return. The fact is that they vigorously advanced their areas of activity as the preferred investment choice while cautioning against the pitfalls and giving tips on safe investments.


Subhash Bhola, Partner, Bholasons Jewellers said, “Advocated that investments in gold, emerald and ruby would yield high returns in the coming years. One must always buy certified stones and hallmarked gold with an invoice because it assures one of safe investment and later makes selling of the asset easy.”

However, Roshini Vadehra, Vadehra Art Gallery, said that art could be one of the best investments but one needs to exercise care as the market is not transparent and fakes are aplenty. “While buying a piece of art one must undertake in-depth research and have the understanding of the artist, collection and genre of the work,” she added.

Looking forward to the stock markets option, Neena Prasad, Singapore Stock Exchange, said that the smart way to invest is in all asset classes. “Wealth management is a science and an art and one should not attach themselves emotionally to their investments. An investor needs to take a disciplined approach for asset allocation and must track their investments to take advantage of the volatility of the market.”