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Kamdhenu eyes revenue boost in monsoon season


To boost its revenue in the current monsoon season, Kamdhenu Paints is promoting products and running awareness campaigns through social media as to how one can protect the shine and beauty of exterior walls during the rainy season.

Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints, said, “Since monsoon is approaching all across the country, people normally face the problem of a lot of moisture and dust in their exterior walls. We, at Kamdhenu Paints, have started an initiative to create awareness about the safety of the exterior walls on social media. Our product range Weather Classic Max and Weather Supreme provides excellent durable coating to the exterior walls.” 

Kamdhenu launched Weather Classic Max in the beginning of this year and has received a very good response from the customers, said a company press release. Weather Classic Max is a high-performance premium quality exterior paint which comes with water-resistant and anti-dirt properties.                                                                                   

Weather Supreme is elastomeric, super protective 100 per cent acrylic latex base weather-proof exterior emulsion which is well known for its performance. It is water-resistant paint ad protects the exterior walls from dampness, algae and fungal caused by rain.