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UP RERA: Promoters must ensure compliance of issued directions to avoid Penalty

Lucknow/Gauam Buddh Nagar, Dec 1, 2023: U.P. RERA on Friday reviewed the status of the directions passed recently and found that promoters have indulged in non-compliance of its directions besides granting them sufficient time. Hence, U.P. RERA has issued an office notice to promoters of registered projects and expressed its displeasure about non-execution of passed direction in a time bound manner. Also, the Regulatory Authority has instructed to ensure the execution of all directions without further delay. According to the provisions of the RERA Act, non-compliance of passed directions from RERA is a punishable act and promoters will be responsible for this. 

In previous months, U.P. RERA had issued directions about promotion and advertisements of registered and unregistered projects and mentioning RERA registration number and portal prominently, uploading coordinates of a designated director of organization for correspondence with RERA, update and correct the filled details of projects on the RERA portal, maintain active telephone numbers for consumers and appointing knowledgeable person to answer them and activate helpline numbers for mega projects. 

Apart from this, the directions include providing complete details in project registration applications, all 3 bank accounts with standing instructions to banks to speed up project registration process, utilize model agreement for sale uploaded on the portal for agreement with consumers, uploading all QPRs for approval of extension applications, etc. 

During the review, it was found that out of 1810 promoters, only 666 promoters have uploaded details of director for correspondence. Promoters are following the promotion guidelines and approximately 130 notices have been issued to promoters in violation in advertisements. According to the provisions of section -37 of the RERA Act, U.P. RERA has issued office notice to promoters to ensure compliance of passed directions. The Authority, using its powers under section 63 of the RERA Act, may take strict action and impose appropriate amount of penalty. 

Sanjay Bhoosreddy

According to Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Chairman- U.P. RERA, “the stakeholders of real estate have to act according to the RERA Act. The directions had been issued to ensure swift registration, extension along with bringing transparency, responsibility and answerability. We expect that promoters will act as per the directions.”