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Realty Set For Festive Boost: R&R Survey

New Delhi, September 18, 2023: In a recent survey conducted by R&R, an independent research wing of Rise Infraventures Limited, to understand the festive sentiment this year, it is indicated that the real estate sector is expected to witness a significant rise in demand for residential real estate, thanks to the flurry of options available now in Delhi-NCR.

Vishesh Prakash of R&R By Rise Infraventures, says, “In the survey conducted recently on potential real estate buyers in Delhi-NCR, the findings clearly highlight the fact that the Delhi-NCR realty is going to surprise one and all with growth beyond everyone’s expectations during the festive period. The mood of the buyers clearly points towards great times for the residential real estate segment, with Gurgaon on top of the list of preferred hotspots, followed by Delhi and Noida. As the country gets ready to get back to the furious growth path, an overwhelming number of buyers indicated that they can’t wait to take first steps towards buying home during the festive season, considering the auspicious value attached to buying during this period.”

In the survey, a large number of home owners also indicated they are looking to upgrade to bigger and better homes, with focus on mid-segment and luxury segments. The survey clearly points towards an emergence of a real estate buying class that’s making home buying an intrinsic part of their festive investments, with majority of buyers ready to spend anywhere between 1-2 Cr. Looks like great times are roaring back!


·       Residential real estate market showing bullish signs ahead of festive season

·       With suited economic growth, the mid-segment and luxury segment to witness higher demand in the festive season


·       Buyers’ mood upbeat as they look at making festive investments in residential real estate

·       Gurgaon emerging as the dream destination for buyers, followed by Delhi and Noida