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Royace i-cam: Making home security systems affordable

Royace Eye Industries (India) Ltd

Installing security cameras at home will no longer be the sole privilege of those living in high-end apartments or the so-called ‘smart cities’. Royace Eye, the world leader in security solutions, is soon coming up with a deferred payment plan in which by paying mere Rs 14 a day one can get an i-cam installed at home. In a country where surveillance systems are largely considered a luxury and not a necessity, Royace has devised this novel plan where every citizen can have fool-proof home security system by paying a nominal sum for 36 months.

Based out of UK, Royace Eye started its operations in India in 2014 and was incorporated as a public Limited company in the name of Royace Eye Industries (India) Ltd in October 2015. Jaskaran Deep Singhh, CEO of the Indian arm, told Realty & More in a recent chat his company will soon be tying up with various state governments also to carry forward this affordable project.

In India, Royace is dealing with some innovative products which are not available in the market. “It’s a new technology in which we are dealing: vehicle security solutions and home security systems,” he told us. The company has its presence in 15 states with more than 42 distributors and 500 outlets.

For home security solution, Royace has come up with an i-cam, which it claims to be “a revolutionary product” in the segment. It has already launched two products, and two more are in the pipeline. One of these is a camera which does not require any hard disk, any wiring and has a memory of up to 158 GB. The output of the camera can be seen on one’s mobile phone also.

Elaborating further, Singh said, “You can also hear the live onsite audio on your mobile phone and you can also interact with the person standing in front of the camera. So, it’s a two-way audio interaction between the camera and your phone.   Whenever you go out of your home you lock the property. Here you lock the camera which is working via a dedicated app after which if any human movement happens, it will start making police sirens, and in whichever part of the world you are, your mobile will start making sirens.”


The price range of the home cameras is between Rs 12,000-18,000 and Singhh is happy with the “extremely good” response it has received from the market.

Another more product related to home segment that Royace has launched is Smart Video Recorder (SVR). Explaining its features, Singhh said, “While making a house earlier, there were no provisions of CCTV wiring. That’s the reason many people opt not to install CCTV cameras as it ruins the looks of the interiors.” Therefore, he said, Royace came with up SVR, which is set of four cameras which are connected to internet wirelessly without any internet connection, working on a combination of electromagnetic waves in a range of 200 metres. “You can install one camera each at terrace, inside the house, outside the house and outside your colony. All recording is happening on SVR model, and the model is locked inside the locker of your house,” he said.

Likewise, for vehicle security solution, Royace has introduced ‘Dash Cam’, a digital camera fixed at the front glass of the vehicle, which records the outside video and interior. Besides, the company is launching air purifiers for vehicles. “It’s a small device to be injected at car cigar point at a price of Rs 1,499”, he told us. The air purifier will be launched next month.

The present turnover of Royace Eye Industries is about 1,000-2,000 cameras per month which translates to Rs 50 lakh to about Rs 2 crore. With people becoming more and more conscious about security issues and the company having many revolutionary products in the pipeline, Singh is upbeat about Royace making great strides in the near future.