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Spirituality in city, Manju Gaur, Director, Gaursons


In the midst of our erratic schedule, no doubt, our heart seeks some solace every now and then. That spiritual encounter seems to be quite essential to meet the inner us on a regular basis. For this, there can be nothing else prolific than a place, which nurtures not only your heart but also quenches the need of your soul. To provide the missing peace to our souls, Gaursons Group has come up with one-of-its-kind temple in Gaur City.

The smart Gaur City is blooming with a fresh spell of spirituality these days and the reason is rather divine: the new Radha Krishan Temple in the vicinity. The temple was inaugurated on March 15 amid grand celebration and fervour. The gala event organised by Gaursons Group was filled with spirituality and serenity. The pre-inaugural event that started from March 13 envisaged various rituals like Rathyatra, Prana Pratishtha ceremony, Murti Sthapana and Prasadam. The residents were a part of the auspicious occasion.

The Radha Krishan Temple is one of its kind in the whole of the locality and brings the much needed positivity to Gaur City and the area nearby. Inside the divine abode there are magnificent idols of Shri Radha, Krishna, Lord Shiva, Ganapati, Durga Mata, Sri Ram and Sai Baba.

The temple started taking shape three years back. Best architects from the city were deployed to work on the temple to maintain the accuracy of imagination of the founder members of Gaursons family. The exquisite idols were created by special architects from Rajasthan and crafted out of high quality marble stone. The temple is built with very rare sandstone and showcases some intricate designs on its walls.

While the residents are overwhelmed with the new spiritual gift by Gaursons family, the founders themselves are absolutely thankful to the residents for being cooperative. With a temple in the vicinity, it seems we all got a fresh spell of spiritual awakening. Gaur City is content today with the new temple. This exclusively amazing divine encounter is certainly a crown among all of the Gaursons’
offerings, for sure!


A resident of Gaur City said, “We had everything that one can dream of in a township in Gaur City, and now a new temple! We are extremely happy and contented.

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