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Student Housing Company, Placio Unveils New Logo


India, New Delhi, May 15, 2019: Placio, a pioneer in student housing undergoes a logo change today. The refreshed brand identity is an extension of the company’s venture into the co-living space and going international. The new logo signifies the amalgamation of different people, with diverse cultural backgrounds to expand their horizons by being together. The new logo has been designed by Evolve Digitas Pte Ltd, Singapore based, digital transformation and design company with having a presence in India, Singapore and Dubai.

On unveiling, the fresh logo, Mr. Rohit Pateria, Co-Founder, Placio says, “the concept of Placio is living together and growing together. The new logo clearly symbolizes the objective of the company. When different people interact, multiple worlds collide. This results in the broadening of perspective which fuels growth. The logo has been replaced with a 3-year-old logo which had a different font, color and tag line.”

According to Mustafa Shikora, Co-Founder & MD, Placio “With the new logo we have renewed our approach as a comprehensive Solution Provider for Parents, Students, property owners as strong partner who have developed an unmatched expertise in the Student Housing sector.”

“We wanted to create a visual identity to equip the brand with an aesthetically pleasing appearance while blending the values of togetherness and intelligent accommodation. The colors were picked to acquaint the youth with a friendly and contemporary vibe. The soft corners on the logo generate a warm and welcoming feel”, says Aparna Gupta, MD, Evolve Digitas.

The logo starts with a ‘P’, which symbolizes amalgamation. The different curves of the letter ‘P’ signify the meeting of multiple worlds who interact to benefit each other. It’s also when users mingle amongst themselves to cherish the diversity of living with different kinds of people. This very diversity helps the users explore multiple cultures and expand their horizons.


The second last letter of the logo is ‘i’, which signifies a human user of intelligent accommodation. The arrow-like symbol above the ‘i’ represents a shelter, wherein the inhabitants will have a sustainable, safe and hassle-free environment to live in.

The colors – shades of green and purple stand for individuality, growth and aspirations.
It represents originality and growth.

The font is characterized as bold and masculine. Placio provides comfort and mental space to its users, which lets them run free to explore their bold selves. The masculinity of the font also makes the logo appear crystal clear and without boundaries.

The tagline apparently signifies a feeling of togetherness. Living together in a community or a group is always beneficial for one’s personal development and growth. Exchanging ideas and sharing opinions takes a person on a path of learning ad gradually growing for the better.



PLACIO is a Student Housing Management Company, which was established in the year 2016 in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh. The company provides housing solutions to students with customized services to experience the modern and secured concept of co-living. PLACIO offers modern spaces, fully-furnished rooms, private rooms, personal apartments, food, 24×7 emergency line, a guard on duty, security, parents’ help-line, air-conditioning, unlimited Wi-Fi, laundry services, Café, Gym and medical care. PLACIO properties are located at best localities in and around university campuses with trailblazing amenities.

PLACIO is incubated by Amity Business Incubator, NOIDA and received a funding from Singapore-based Private Equity firm, Prestellar Ventures and Chicago-based Shikora Investment. Placio currently manages 3000+ Beds having a presence in Delhi, NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, Lucknow and Indore.

PLACIO is eying big opportunity as a Management Company and forging partnerships with Universities, Higher Education Institutions and corporates for Operations and Management of its Student Hostels and Co Living properties. For the year 2019-20, it is expanding to cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Kota.