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UP RERA Imposes Penalty on the Allottee For Misuse of the Process of Law

Lucknow/ Gautambudh Nagar: UP RERA Chairman has imposed heavy penalty upon the allottee who was found continuously misusing the process of law. The allottee in question had filed three complaints prior to this one which had been decided previously. Chairman U.P. RERA took strong objection to the fourth complaint by this allottee and imposed a cost of Rs. 5000/- upon him.

The NCR Bench of UP RERA Chairman noticed that this allottee had not approached RERA with clean hands, that he was misusing the process of law and wasting the precious time of the Bench. In fact, it was the fourth complaint of the allottee in the same matter.

Even after getting every relief permissible under RERA fairly and quickly, the allottee filed one more complaint.

The allottee was also found indulging in inappropriate conduct during the hearing of the case through video conferencing. His conduct was contrary to the rulings of Hon’ble Supreme Court which has been continuously holding that a litigant must approach the court with clean hands and must not be allowed to misuse the process of law and wasting of the time of the court.

It was stated by Sanjay Bhoosreddy that U.P. RERA is already handling about 40 percent of the complaints in the country and if some allottee keeps approaching the Authority for the same relief in the same matter again and again, this impacts the delivery of justice by the Benches to the allottees whose grievances are genuine. Therefore, heavy cost was imposed upon the complainant in this case to ensure that the genuine allottee must get the relief as per law but unscrupulous complainants must be deterred from wasting the time of the Benches.