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50% of students find booking accommodations early for a hassle free study abroad journey: University Living report 

University Living, a global student housing platform, released a new report based on a survey analyzing the benefits of booking accommodation early. The report takes a deep dive into the early booking process and sheds light on several key aspects of the study abroad journey

University Living’s recent report showed 50%of students believe in booking accommodation early because they quickly fill up leaving them with fewer housing options which may or may not suit their choices. 30% of students also feel that they have to grapple with pricing when they book at the last minute. Similar to flight tickets, student housing pricing is dynamic with regards to the high demand trends. The difference in pricing can be drastic which might end up affecting the overall budget of the students. 

Further according to the report, up to 60% of students find booking accommodations early more feasible. Many students are unable to find housing as they choose their preferred university/country much later as compared to others. Around 5% of students also look for alternate accommodation options and considering the current housing crises, this number has skyrocketed in recent times. 50% of students end up looking at alternate options last minute 

When it comes to requiring assistance in finding the right accommodation, University Living’s report showed that 70% of students need assistance. This is mainly due to the fact that student housing is a long-term contract worth a substantial amount of money, students should know their choices and how best to make the decision(s). University Living’s report also revealed that there is an early booking movement worldwide, which will give students the flexibility to change their rooms or switch locations. 

Saurabh Arora, Founder & CEO of University Living said, “The student housing crisis is a real challenge that both industry stalwarts and students are facing. At such a juncture, being the early bird improves the number of available options and superior pricing. The report provides a thorough analysis of how students can make the best of their study-abroad journey by being prepared. All that students have to do is be prepared, and make informed decisions with the expert guidance of the team at University Living.”