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Alibaug home sold for Rs 80 crore

Alibaug home

In probably the biggest deal in the coastal town of Alibaug in Mumbai, a six-acre beachfront home has been sold for Rs 80 crore in Awas village.

According to a media report, the sprawling property, owned by a Parsi business family, the Engineers of Atash Leasing, has been purchased by Shrikantadevi Damani, wife of Radhakishan Damani, stock market investor and founder of supermarket chain DMart.

Last April, Radhakishan and his brother Gopikishan purchased a bungalow on Narayan Dabholkar Road in South Mumbai for a record Rs 1,001 crore.

Two months ago, actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh purchased a house in Mapgaon village for Rs 22 crore, according to sources quoted in the report. They added that the land rush accelerated when around 150 families from Mumbai shifted to their weekend homes after the lockdown.

The swish set with homes in Alibaug includes Shah Rukh Khan, Ratan Tata, Noel Tata, Shapoor Mistry, Nikhil and Elina Meswani, and the Godrej family.