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Co Working firm 315Work Avenue extends help to flood victims in Karnataka

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Bangalore, August 14, 2019 : In an effort to ease the misery of the flood victims, 315Work Avenue, a leading coworking firm based in Bangalore, has come forward to lend a helping hand to those who have been battered by heavy rains and floods over the last few days in different parts of Karnataka. With such a huge problem, and the state continuing to battle the crisis, 315Work Avenue has contributed food supplies, toiletries & essentials, basic medical supplies & clothes to the needy in large quantities. The employees of 315Work Avenue has also come forward to contribute a part of their salary towards this noble cause. The multiple work spaces of 315Work Avenue are open for any kind of help that’s needed by volunteers in terms of space and infrastructure to help the needy. This initiative was also supported by Kara4Kids, a group of preschools, nestled in various locations of Bangalore.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Manas Mehrotra, Chairman, 315Work Avenue, said: “We feel it is our responsibility to help people impacted by the floods in Karnataka. We are in touch with volunteers who are in the crisis-hit districts and based on their feedback, we are providing the essentials. Our volunteers will also be travelling to affected areas to serve the needy. We pray that the flood-affected regions come back to normalcy soon. We appreciate everyone who is taking valuable time and contributing to the relief effort in any way. There is nothing better than helping people in a crisis and I request everybody to come forward and do their bit.”