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Cultural fest, ‘Utsav-Colours of Harvest’ at Vegas Mall showcase 7 Indian state dances

New Delhi: Vegas Mall organised a multi-cultural dance festival, ‘Utsav-Colours of Harvest’, on April 14, 2023, which celebrated the diverse cultural productions of India, significantly seven dance forms of seven states in India. The event was put up as an ode to the various dances and artistic traditions of several Indian states, with charismatic performances like Jhumelo, Tandi Dance, Jhoda, Manipuri Raas, Mask Dance of Sikkim, Bihu Dance, Khampa Dance, Dhol Cholom, Maharashtra dhol, Lezim, Koli Dance, Giddha Bhangra, Bhavai, Kalbelia, and many more.  

Ravinder Choudhary, AVP, Vegas Mall, said, “Vegas’s Utsav event was a spectacular extravaganza which gave regional artists and dancers a splendid platform to showcase their art and performances to a large audience.
We were happy to host over hundreds of people at the mall who enjoyed the performances and showed a wonderful appreciation for the passionate artists. Men and women were adorned in their regional dance attires and jewellery which was truly fascinating and gave a clear sense of originality reflecting culturally vibrant country such as India.”