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Guest Column

Faridabad: A Rising NCR Commercial Hub

By: Mohit Goel, MD, Omaxe Group

Faridabad, situated in India’s National Capital Region (NCR), is experiencing impressive growth and undergoing a transformation, evolving into a dynamic hub of commercial activities. Its strategic location, enhanced infrastructure, and business-friendly environment have made Faridabad an enticing destination for both businesses and investors. Several factors are propelling Faridabad’s commercial expansion, positioning it as a key player in the NCR market.

Strategic Location: Faridabad’s advantageous location, bordering Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, places it at the crossroads of major economic centres in the NCR. Its proximity to the national capital and major industrial hubs has made it an ideal choice for businesses seeking strategic access to a vast consumer base and industry resources.

Infrastructure Development: In recent years, Faridabad has witnessed substantial infrastructure development. Key projects, such as the expansion of the metro network, improved road connectivity, and the development of industrial corridors, have enhanced the city’s accessibility and ease of doing business. This infrastructure boost has played a pivotal role in attracting commercial investments.

Industrial Growth: Faridabad’s strong industrial base, with a focus on manufacturing and engineering sectors, has been a driving force behind its commercial expansion. The city’s industrial clusters offer a conducive environment for businesses, with access to skilled labour, established supply chains, and industrial parks.

Thriving Business Ecosystem: The city’s business-friendly policies, supportive government initiatives, and ease of starting and running businesses have contributed to the development of a thriving business ecosystem. Faridabad’s proactive approach towards promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth has encouraged companies to set up their offices and operations here.

Affordable Real Estate: Compared to neighbouring cities, Faridabad offers relatively affordable commercial real estate options. This affordability factor has been a significant draw for start-ups, small businesses, and established enterprises looking to expand their operations without the burden of high costs.


Skilled Workforce: Faridabad’s proximity to educational institutions and training centres has ensured a steady supply of skilled workforce across various sectors. The availability of skilled labour has been instrumental in attracting industries and commercial ventures to set up shop in the city.

Retail and Entertainment Growth: The city’s commercial growth isn’t limited to industrial and corporate sectors alone. Faridabad’s retail and entertainment segments have also witnessed substantial expansion. The rise of shopping malls, multiplexes, and entertainment centres has added to the city’s allure as a commercial destination.

Faridabad’s remarkable growth and transformation into a vibrant hub of commercial activities within the NCR market is a testament to its strategic advantages, business-friendly environment, and thriving industrial base. The city’s continuous efforts towards infrastructure development and support for businesses have been instrumental in attracting investments and driving economic growth. As Faridabad continues on its path of progress, it is poised to further cement its position as a prominent player in the NCR market and contribute significantly to India’s economic landscape.