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Frame Model Code for Construction Activities: HSPCB Chairman

Gurugram, November 29, 2022: Chairman Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB), P Raghavendra Rao on Tuesday urged the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) to come up with a Model Code for fixing criteria for pollution control so that feasible industrial activities are not banned by the government.

Addressing NAREDCO Haryana Real Estate Summit 2022 & Buyer-seller Interface, Rao added that the suggested model code should be validated by institutions relating to research so that their validity is not questioned. 

The details of the model code for pollution control should also be supported and validated by data so that parameters recommended in the code of conduct are considered without any hitch, pointed out Rao.

Rao advised industry and NAREDCO to awaken their members and constituents to adopt the use of dual fuel sets such as gas sets and generator sets to spur up constructions activities in which the contribution of gas based sets stay not less than 60% whereas generator sets could be used for construction activities for a proportion of 40%.

The Chairman, HSPCB added that pollution control measures should aim at reducing reusing and recycling waste water and even such water that goes into drains should be treated. He also pointed out that the government does not unnecessary ban constructions and demolition activates but when it comes to health reasons, tough measures and steps are called for.


Praveen Jain, Chairman, NAREDCO assured the Government that whatever is sought from NAREDCO by the government for suggesting measures for reduction of pollution would be compiled with by the organization. 

Jain recommended, mandatory deployment of AQI monitoring at the construction sites where if AQI level exceeds 400 levels then in that case the construction activities automatically cease and when it falls within the accepted levels, recommencement of such activities starts. This would stop the unnecessary delay in construction activities and ensure timely completion of the project.