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Global luxury residential prices register lowest growth since Q4 2009: Knight Frank’s Prime Global Cities Index, Q1 2019


Annual average prime price growth stands at 1.3across 45 global cities

Mumbai, 16th May 2019: International Property Consultant Knight Frank releases its Prime Global Cities Index that tracks the movement in luxury residential prices (top 5% of the housing market)across 45 cities globally. The index highlights that luxury residential prices have registered their lowest rate of annual growth since the final quarter of 2009. Two years ago, prime property prices were rising at an average rate of 4.3% per annum, which has now slowed to 1.3%.

Rank City World Region 12-month

% change


% change

1 Berlin Europe 14.1% 4.5%
2 Moscow Russia & CIS 12.0% 3.6%
3 Frankfurt Europe 9.6% 3.8%
4 Tokyo Asia 8.4% -2.7%
5 Edinburgh Europe 7.6% 2.1%
6 Paris Europe 7.5% 2.1%
7 Delhi Asia 5.8% 4.4%
8 Zurich Europe 5.2% 0.8%
9 Madrid Europe 5.1% 0.1%
10 Geneva Europe 5.0% 0.1%
11 Beijing Asia 4.5% 2.3%
12 Manila Asia 4.4% 1.7%
13 Singapore Asia 3.6% 3.0%
14 Brisbane Australasia 3.2% 0.4%
15 Toronto North America 3.2% 1.0%
16 Miami North America 3.0% 0.0%
17 Taipei Asia 2.5% 4.0%
18 Sydney Australasia 2.4% 0.2%
19 Cape Town Africa 2.1% -0.1%
20 Bengaluru Asia 2.0% 0.8%
31 Mumbai Asia 0.6% 0.3%

The dip in the growth during the first quarter of 2019 is said to be attributed to the looming threat of a global trade war, uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the International Monetary Funds projection that 70of the worlds economies would see a slowdown in growth in 2019.

Key findings


  • The index increased by 1.3% in the year to Q1 2019, its lowest annual rate of growth since Q4 2009.
  • Delhi secures a spot in the top 10. Ranked at the 7th position, prime property price grows by 5.8% on 12-month and 4.4 % on a 3-month basis
  • City of Bengaluru witnessed a growth of 2% on 12-month and 0.8% on a 3-month basis, stands at the 20th position on the Index
  • Standing at the 31st rank, Mumbai registers a dismal growth of 0.6in 12 months and 0.3on a 3month basis, indicating momentum in the affordable & midsegment housing category.

The Indian residential market has been stagnant for a considerable period of time with sales velocity, especially of prime property, remaining slow causing significant inventory overhang across major marketsFurther, developers have also shifted their focus on higher traction segments of the market i.e affordable and midsegments due to the concentrated demand and the conducive environment created for these segments on the back of policy reforms and sopsHowever, growth in the prime property market across key Indian cities should be viewed as a positive sign and going forward we must track the progress for the next couple of quarters to ascertain that the sector 4is moving towards recovery .” said Shishir Baijal, Chairman & Managing Director, Knight Frank India

In regards to global cities, European cities continue to outperform with seven of the top 10 rankings this quarter occupied by European markets. Berlin (14%),Frankfurt (10%), Edinburgh (8%) and Paris (8%) are out in front. While RUSSIA & CIS has come across as the strongest performing world region in the year to Q1 2019.