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Hero Homes organizes Mock Fire Drill to teach fire and safety measures to residents


Mohali: Real estate developer Hero Homes organized a mock fire drill prior to the upcoming National Fire Safety Week to spread awareness on Fire and Safety measures at Hero Homes, Central Green Park in Mohali.

The officials from Mohali Fire Department addressed the residents and taught them several fire and safety measures, and encouraged them to participate actively.

The Mock Fire Drill prepared the residents to practice evacuations from buildings in case of fires or any other emergency.

A resident of Hero Homes said, “The Mock Drill exercise was a learning experience, enabling us to be self-sufficient and show resilience, agility and mental aptitude in times of fire, emergency or ordeal.”

Dharmesh Shah

“It is an urgent need for people to acquire fire and safety measure skills to prevent any injury and harm that may occur to them in case of unpreparedness or lack of knowledge. We conducted the Mock Drill event to explain to the residents how to escape and safeguard themselves in case of fires. I thank the Mohali Fire Department officials for their voluntary participation and deeply regard the enthusiasm of the attendees who made genuine efforts to learn the safety techniques”, said Dharmesh Shah, CEO, Hero Homes.

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