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Indian Real Estate Industry Soon To Becomea RealTech Industry, Observe Tech Experts at‘Excelerate 2.0 #TechForReal’ Organized byNAREDCO Maharashtra NextGen

Mumbai, August 4, 2023: The Indian Real Estate Industry is set to become a RealTech industry soon considering the swift digital transformation and adoption happening in the contemporary environment, particularly with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI); quipped the digital experts and marketers at ‘Excelerate 2.0 #TechForReal’ forum organized by NAREDCO MAHARASHTRA’s wing of next – generation entrepreneurs called as ‘NAREDCO NextGen’ in Mumbai today.   

Discussing the importance of cutting-edge technology and digital prowess to cater to ever – evolving dynamics of the real estate industry, NAREDCO Maharashtra NextGen organized a Knowledge Forum ‘Excelerate 2.0 #TechForReal’ with technology experts, marketers and real estate industry experts.

During the inaugural address Sandeep Runwal, President of NAREDCO Maharashtra said, “Having undergone numerous cycles of change, I’ve come to the realization that the key to survival in the real estate industry lies in embracing and adapting to technology. In my view, Excelerate 2.0 has provided a glimpse of the future direction. I eagerly anticipate the innovative ideas and pitches from new entrants and will closely track their journey of growth.”

According to Rajan Bandelkar, National President of NAREDCO, our wealth lies in the future generation. He emphasized the need to focus on delivering more while committing less. He also pointed out that the real estate business is open to anyone, unlike other industries where delivery precedes payment, in real estate, customers pay first and then receive the goods.

Talking about the rationale for unleashing the need and relevance of digital transformation and technology for the benefit and advancement of the real estate industry, Rishabh Siroya, President of NAREDCO Maharashtra NextGen said, “As the next-gen real estate entrepreneurs, we felt the need to bring the crucial aspect of digital transformation and modern day construction technologies on the fore for better integration, productivity and excellence within the real estate industry.”

Sharing his thoughts on ‘Tech for Construction’, Sanjay Dutt, Senior Vice President, NAREDCO MAHARASHTRA and MD & CEO, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd said, When proceeding with project transitions, such as moving from the design stage to execution, a crucial aspect is the implementation of a comprehensive handover process. Leveraging technology can yield significant benefits, not only in terms of time and cost savings in design and engineering, but also by facilitating effective organization management. Technology can play a pivotal role in educating departments about identified gaps and empowering them to make decisions akin to entrepreneurs. Embracing technology is imperative for developers to remain competitive and relevant in the current landscape.”