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KGK Realty & Dhoot Infra Successfully Implements Resolution Plan for Sare Gurugram, To Benefit Over 1200 Home Buyers

Gurugram, August 4, 2023: A consortium of KGK Realty (India) Limited and Dhoot Infrastructure Projects Limited announced the successful implementation of the resolution plan for the group housing project, Sare Gurugram, pursuant to NCLT passing the Plan in April 23. The consortium, through Eka Life Limited, has taken control of the company since July 24, 2023 and has invested over Rs 140 crs till date, says a press release issued by the consortium.

“We are proud to have successfully implemented the resolution plan for Sare Gurugram Private Limited. Our relentless efforts and determination have brought smiles to the faces of the homebuyers who have been waiting for their homes since 2011. This accomplishment highlights our commitment to delivering excellence in the real estate sector” said Ajay Munot, Founder Eka Life Ltd.

“We understand the dreams and aspirations of homebuyers, and it has been our utmost priority to ensure that over 1200 buyers at Sare Gurugram see their dreams realized. We express our sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders involved in this journey & focus on speeding up the construction, statutory approvals & handover of homes to customers satisfaction before committed timelines”, said Piyush Dhoot, Dhoot Infra