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NCRPB Appoints REPL to Prepare Functional Plan for Education & Skill Development in NCR

New Delhi, November 30, 2023: The National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) has appointed REPL (Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.) to develop a Functional Plan for Education and Skill Development in the National Capital Region Area. 

The functional plan will be focused on Education aspect across NCR and also extend to the aspect of employability through the appropriate education and skilling. A separate skill development sub-plan will be worked out, focusing on skilling with employability. This plan is expected to act as granular blue print for making NCR an engine for harnessing human resource potential to increase GDP of NCR and per capita incomes of its inhabitants. This will cover fifty five thousand sq km of National Capital Region (NCR); which comprises of 24 districts of Delhi, Haryana, U.P. and Rajasthan.

Pic - Mr. Pradeep Misra

Pradeep Misra (CMD-REPL) said, “By 2030–2031, NCR is expected to become the most populous capital region globally. This presents a unique opportunity to engage in cohesive planning and strategic investments in NCR. A primary focus is on providing essential education and training to NCR residents, preparing them for the challenges of the ongoing digital revolution in the country. The overarching goal of the functional plan is to enhance the overall Quality of Life for NCR inhabitants, regardless of their urban or rural, affluent or less affluent status. Moreover, it aims to position NCR as a globally renowned yet affordable education and skill development hub for the region and beyond.”

Prabhakar Kumar (Business Head-Urban, REPL) said, “The assessment, analysis and proposals shall be addressing all aspects of education and skill development, at micro to macro level. It covers the assessment of education and skill development with respect to the social, educational and economic background of the region. The plan has to not only provide the related solutions in terms of physical and social infrastructure, but also ways to enable the major shift of education and skilling facilities to digital level and other futuristic technology applications. We will also identify the projects related to education and skill development with investment and implementation plan.