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New rehabilitation plan for slums

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is working on a model of rehabilitation for slum dwellers that will involve an active participation of private developers. Inviting suggestions from the public, DDA has uploaded the proposal on its website.

The Authority has admitted that its two earlier rehabilitation policies were not a success. In the first model DDA provided plots to slum dwellers in the area where it planned to carry out development. This did not get good response, as in many cases, the locations of these plots did not suit the requirements of these people.

The other model was in situ development, in which slum dwellers were to be rehabilitated on their own plots after their development. DDA admits that the pilot project at Kathputli Colony did not work out.

“It was assumed that the slum dwellers would move out of Kathputli colony of their own volition as the redeveloped colony was supposed to be the major incentive.” However, since a lot of slum dwellers opted not to move out, and DDA was unable to evict them, this model is also being considered unviable.

As per the new model, any developer interested in exploring commercial possibilities of a land where a slum exists, needs consent of at least 70 per cent of the slum-dwellers. The developer can then approach DDA. As per the prevalent circle rates, the developer will have to pay the Authority 25 per cent of the land rates.