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NoBrokerhood debuts in five more cities


With its expansion to five more cities, NoBrokerHood, the visitor, society, and payments management app by NoBroker, is now available in 11 cities. The cities where it has debuted recently are Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Jaipur, and Kochi

As the app offers convenient and secure living with numerous helpful features, the growth is fueled by imperatives such as social distancing and staying home due to pandemic scare, said a press release.

NoBroker is a tech-driven platform and uses advanced technologies to the benefit of the customers. As a testimony to the tech innovations in NoBrokerHood, the app has experienced eight times growth over the last four to five months. It grew from less than 1,000 societies to 4,500 societies.

Amit Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of NoBroker

Amit Agarwal, CEO, and Co-Founder of NoBroker said: “We are consistently working to better our app to offer better customer experience. We have launched over 11 new features in the NoBrokerHood app over the last four months in the interest of resident safety during these trying times. We want more and more cities and more and more societies to benefit from it.”