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NTL Lemnis launches Pharox Zen Down Lights 6W RGB


Pharox now launches Pharox Zen Down Lights RGB 6W across India. An ideal solution for residential and commercial lighting, the newly launched Pharox Zen Down Light RGB 6W is a recessed mounted, round, concealed down light in Red, Green and Blue colour along with the already launched in 6500K & 3000K colour.

Pharox Zen Down Lights RGB 6W comes with an integrated high efficiency driver and diffuser to give a glare free light. These Red, Green and Blue 6W Lights have a CRI of >80, a beam angle of 120° and IP rating of 20.

“With Pharox, we want to be in each home and each establishment. Witnessing the requirements for quality indoor coloured lights, we came up with Pharox Zen Down Light 6W RGB that can enhance any décor and all kinds of interiors”, says Tushar Gupta, Executive Director, NTL Lemnis.

Pharox Zen Down Light 6W RGB exudes a uniform and glare free light while maintaining a high optical performance. Pharox Zen Down Light 6W RGB has a lamp life of 25,000 hours, making sure that it keeps shining brightly for a long time. Pharox Zen Down Light available at MRP of Rs 395 across India.

About Pharox:


Pharox is the LED lighting brand of NTL Lemnis, a fully owned subsidiary of NTL Electronics. Pharox combines the manufacturing prowess of its parent NTL Electronics(India’s leading lighting electronics company) and the innovation and design capabilities of Lemnis Lighting(The Netherlands based global LED lighting innovator, credited with creating the first LED lamp in the world).

Pharox markets a complete range of energy efficient LED lighting products. The company’s USP is its ability to develop and manufacture products, which are direct replacements of traditional lighting solutions, at market acceptable prices, without compromising on the quality of light.

Today, Pharox is focused on creating an effective sales and distribution network across the country, so that its entire range, which includes a portfolio of more than 250 products, can be made available directly to the end consumer.