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Sarvottam World’s Advertisements Are ‘Misleading and Fraudulent’: U.P. RERA

U.P. RERA has noted that a real estate project named ‘Megapolis/Sarvottam Megapolis’ in a hi-tech township named ‘NEWOIDA’ is being advertised by a promoter ‘Sarvottam World’ and being broadcast and publicized on all platforms of media – newspapers, radio, digital, etc. a press release issued by UP RERA says, that the “In this regard, we have to inform and warn stakeholders of the real estate sector that the said advertisement is ‘completely misleading and fraudulent’. As per the description presented in the advertisement, there is no such project registered with RERA. The mentioned registration numbers in the advertisements- UPRERAPRJ10825, UPRERAPRJ10851 and UPRERAPRJ11033 belong to another promoter i.e; M/s Uttam Steel and Associate (Consortium) and M/s Ansal Hi-Tech Township”.

The UP RERA release further states that, this type of advertisement by the promoter is a violation of the provisions of the RERA Act. It further adds that this type of advertisement creates waves of a negative image about the promoter towards the stakeholders of the sector and may likely cause injustice to the buyers. The release also says that U.P. RERA is committed to the regulation and development of the real estate sector in the state and appeals to the potential and future buyers and investors in the real estate sector that before purchasing or investing in any project, ensure to obtain all the information related to the project through the registration number given in the advertisement that is available on the RERA portal,, and then only take a decision.

“This act of the promoter is punishable under ‘RERA Act 2016’ and appropriate action is being ensured so that the interests of all the stakeholders associated with the entire real estate sector can be protected and the promoters must ensure to abide by the RERA Act”, says the UP RERA press release.